About Magnum Investigations

Magnum Security & Investigations, LLC was established in Honolulu, Hawaii in June of 2006 by the former Chief of Police of the Honolulu Police Department, Lee D. Donohue.

Chief Donohue retired from the Honolulu Police Department in June of 2004 after forty years of service to the community.  His investigative experience in the Honolulu Police Department was gained from assignments to the Records Division’s Mobile Crime Lab, forensic investigations; the Narcotics-Vice Division; Internal Affairs and various Patrol Divisions.

After retiring from the Honolulu Police Department, Chief Donohue worked at Akal Security Inc as a National Contract Administrator; Chief of Operations and Pacific Region Director.  On February 20, 2009, Akal Security Inc was purchased by Securitas Security Services USA where he currently works as the Director of Security.

Magnum Security & Investigations, LLC, sold its security guard service in May of 2010 and renamed the investigation business to Magnum Investigations, LLC.

Magnum Investigations, LLC, provides full investigative services involving Violations of Law; Violation of Policies and Procedures; Work Place Violence; Sexual Harassment; Policy and Contract Compliance; Workers Compensation Violations and Violation of Contract Agreements.

Our office is located at 6650 Hawaii Kai Drive, Suite 250.  We currently have six experienced investigators to conduct our investigations.  Our investigators are trained to conduct covert and overt investigations, including interview techniques and photography to obtain evidence needed for a successful conclusion of our investigations.

We have provided services for insurance companies, the First Hawaiian Auto Show, the National Football League (NFL) Pro Bowl, Sky River, Private Attorneys and Individual Clients.  We look forward to providing our services for your needs.

About Lee Donohue

Lee Donohue
Lee DonohueSole Member
Lee D. Donohue is the sole Member of Magnum Investigations, LLC, formerly known as Magnum Security & Investigations, LLC, that was established in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 30, 2006

Lee was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and joined the Honolulu Police Department on July 1, 1964. Lee retired from the Honolulu Police Department on June 30, 2004 as the Chief of Police.

Lee D. Donohue was a 33-year veteran of the police department when he was appointed Chief of Police. His career to this point included extensive experience in patrol and field operations.

Chief Donohue then led the department into the 21st century. He implemented positive changes to the department through his strategic planning program (HPD 2003), a five- year, department wide, coordinated process to improve services and efficiency, and to hire and retain satisfied employees.

Chief Donohue focused much of his efforts on improving the safety of his officers. He initiated safety programs and provided officers with state-of-the-art police equipment including bullet resistant vests for all officers, improved flashlights for night time duty, improved police radios and computer equipment, and less lethal weapons for use in tactical situations involving resisting criminal suspects.

Lee also served as a Lieutenant in charge of the Narcotics Unit of the Vice Division and as a Captain in the Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.

From the rank of Captain and above, Lee reviewed and approved or disapproved all investigations involving allegations of misconduct by police officers, and high visibility criminal cases occurring in his realm of responsibility.

As the Chief of Police, Lee was responsible for the final review of all cases involving discipline of police officers and civilian employees of the Honolulu Police Department.

A lasting achievement of his term was the successful accreditation of the police department by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, becoming the 14th major police department in the U.S. to earn this distinction.

During his forty years of service, Lee served in every rank of the Department. His investigative experience was gained from assignments as a patrol officer in the Patrol Division. He then moved on to serve in the Records & Identification Division. He was a Detective assigned to crime scene investigations, now known as, CSI, Forensics.

In 2004, on the anniversary of his 40th year as a police officer, Chief Donohue retired

Since retiring, Lee worked for Akal Security, Inc., as a National Contract Administrator; Chief of Operations and as the Pacific Region Director. In February of 2009, the commercial side of Akal Security Services, USA. was sold to Securitas Security Services, USA. where Lee is currently the Director of Security for the Hawaii Region.

Lee is currently the Director of Security for the Hawaii Region of Securitas Security Services, USA. As a part of the purchase of Akal Security, Lee was allowed to continue on with investigations under Magnum Security & Investigations.

Lee was appointed as the City Council-member for Council District 4 on June 9, 2010, and ended on January 1, 2011. His council District covered Waikiki through East Honolulu.

As a seventh-degree black belt Karate instructor, Chief Donohue co-founded Kick Start Karate, a Police Activities League program designed to encourage at-risk intermediate school students to pursue higher education.

Lee is also the President of the Honolulu Police Community Foundation (HPCF), a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for college bound students and purchases equipment for the Honolulu Police Department that could not be obtained through the annual budget process.

Lee, is the co-founder of the HPCF and its President, began his career with the Honolulu Police Department in 1964 and retired as its Chief after 40 years. An alumnus of Chaminade University, he serves as Chair of the Athletic Department’s annual fundraiser, and is the President and co-founder of Kick Start Karate. He also serves on the boards of CrimeStoppers, the Hawai`i Supreme Court’s Judicial Council, the Honolulu Firefighters Foundation and is Director of Security for Securitas USA.