Certified Hawaii Guard Card Training (Act 208 Card)

The information within this page is to help understand the process and pricing involved with compliance of the State of Hawaii registration requirements for guards and persons acting in a guard capacity.  The information provided is offered as a courtesy from Magnum Investigations, LLC and has no official or governmental standing.  None of the information provided is meant to be taken as legal advice and we still suggest that you get legal counsel if you have any questions of that matter.  Official information can be found on the Board of Private Detectives and Guards website at http://hawaii.gov/dcca/pvl/boards/private

If you have any questions regarding the following information please contact:

E-mail: info@magnumhawaii.com

The following requirements to register as a Guard within the State of Hawaii are established by:

  1. Hawaii Revised Statutes (now known as ‘H.R.S’), §463-10.5; and
  2. Hawaii Administrative Rules (now known as ‘H.A.R’), Title 16, Chapter 97, Private Detectives and Guards.

According to the H.R.S §463-10.5; these are the minimum eligibility requirements to obtain a ‘Guard Card’ in the State of Hawaii:

  1. Be eighteen (18) years of age by time of application;
  2. Possess a High School Diploma or equivalent (i.e. Certified High School Transcripts, G.E.D)
  3. Currently not suffering from psychiatric or psychological disorder which is directly related and detrimental to a person’s performance in the profession; and
  4. Must not have been convicted in any jurisdiction of a crime which reflects unfavorably on the fitness of the individual to act as a guard, unless the conviction has been annulled or expunged by court order; provided that the individual shall submit to a national criminal history record check as authorized by federal law, including but not limited to the Private Security Employment Authorization Act of 2004, and specified in the rules of the board.

The board shall determine whether an individual qualifies for registration pursuant to this subsection.

Please note that having a criminal conviction is not an automatic dis-qualifier.  The Board of Private Detectives and Guards (now known as the ‘Board’) will determine if it “reflects unfavorably on the fitness of the individual to act as a guard”.  The specific offense, severity, when it happened, and number of convictions are to be considered.

The following is an outline and pricing guide provided Magnum Investigations, LLC (now known as ‘Magnum’); for specifics to the law please refer to the above referenced H.R.S and H.A.R Sections.

1.  Complete the Initial Eight (8) Hour Security Guard Training:

The H.R.S requires successful completion of eight (8) hours of classroom instruction by a Board approved instructor using a Board approved program and passing a written test.  Confirmation that the program and trainer are approved by the Board can be done by going to the Board’s website (http://hawaii.gov/dcca/pvl/boards/private) and checking the lists of approved providers.  Magnum uses a Board approved program and test, and is instructed by Board approved instructors.

After successful completion of the classroom instruction Magnum will issue a Certificate of Training that must be submitted to the DCCA along with the Guard Employee Registration application.  The training can occur any time prior to submitting the application to the DCCA.

Fee: $80 per person (including Hawaii General Excise Tax)

2.  State and National Criminal History Check

The applicant is required to have a fingerprint based criminal conviction history check done to ensure there are no criminal convictions that would preclude the applicant from working as a guard or in a guard capacity.

The Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center (now known as ‘HCJDC’) requires fingerprints to be submitted electronically.  Presently this is done exclusively by a company called Fieldprint which has offices on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.  Appointment information and locations can be found at: http://www.fieldprinthawaii.com

Records are only retrievable for 120 days, it is imperative that the Guard Employee Application is filed within 30 days of the fingerprinting date to ensure the Board’s ability to retrieve records.

Fee: $64 per person (paid to Fieldprint Hawaii when making an appointment online)

3.  Application for Registration

Candidates for registration, after having obtained proof of receiving the initial mandatory eight (8) hours of training (Certificate of Attendance), will then fill-out an application for registration form.  Guards should submit the applications within thirty (30) days of their fingerprinting fromFieldprint Hawaii.  The forms will be available on the Board’s website at: http://hawaii.gov/dcca/pvl/boards/private under the Application Forms & Publications tab.

Applicants can fill-in the form online to be printed and mailed (or hand delivered) to the Board along with two other documents:

  1. Certificate of Attendance issued by a Board Approved Trainer
  2. Verification of meeting the education requirement High School or equivalent (i.e. High School Transcripts, G.E.D, Certificate, Diploma.)

The guard registration application form contains a block for the date of the Fingerprinting that must be filled in.  Applicants will then mail the application form and accompanying documents along with the $10.00 fee to the Board.

4.  Notice of Approval and Registration and Fees Due

The Board will notify registration applicants by mail that they have been “cleared” (criminal history checks and receipt of application, training certificate and fees) and include a notice of registration fees due.  Upon receipt of this communication, guard applicants must mail in the registration fees to the DCCA.  Once payment has been received, the DCCA will mail the applicants ‘Guard Cards’, in approximately two weeks.  In the meantime, the Board will post the guard’s name on the PVL website.  Once the registrant is posted, the guard may start work, “acting in a guard capacity.”

Why Train Under Magnum?

Magnum Investigations Offers Training Classes in a intimate personal environment or we travel to you! We believe in scheduling students at the most convenient time for everyone.
All Training Sessions are conducted by skilled and certified instructors according to Act 208 offering decades of experience in the security field. All sessions are overseen and signed off by Lee D. Donohue (Retired Police Chief Honolulu Police Department)
All training sessions include Document Shepherding on behalf of Magnum Investigations. Don’t hassle with the DCCA Office, we will make sure all documents are turned in on a timely manner.
Initial 8 Hour Training Course 4 Hour Continued Education Units
Application Fee $10.00 $10.00
Registration Fee $45.00 $45.00
Compliance Resolution Fund Fee $36.00 $36.00
Total DCCA Fees $96.00 $96.00
Fingerprint Background Check
(Fieldprint Hawaii)
$64.00 N/A
Magnum Training Fee $80.00 (including Hawaii General Excise Tax) $80.00 (including Hawaii General Excise Tax)
Total Fees $331.00 $267.00